An Intense Wine Pleasure

A lot of French wines are recognized around the world like pearls.
But if I mention a wine of Rasteau a common man doesn’t know it, unlike a specialist.
I wanna describe it in this article, these characteristics made of it an amazing wine, years over years.

Where it comes from: It is grew up in theVaucluse area (France)

Soil: Limestone

Weather: Mediterranean, slightly protected from the wind (Mistral).

History: In the eighteenth century, the wine of Rasteau is one of the largest in the Vaucluse. The Cotes du Rhone Village were gradually imposed by the law, and a new name appears: Cotes du Rhone Villages Rasteau in 1967. Since 2009, thanks to a fight of the winemakers, the wines of Rasteau have acquired the status of local name. Actually, Rasteau raises its vine in the southern Rhone valley. Its name sounds good across the world, and it also served in the best restaurant in NYC.
What kind of Rasteau each customer can find in the Daniel’s restaurant ?

The menu possesses a different kind of Rasteau: the Feraud-Brunel, Perrin & Fils…

If the 2009 is recognized as a amazing year, 2006 which is served in Daniel is also a very good harvest.

A 2006’s Rasteau is a wine with delicate robe, fruity, I can also feel a spicy wine. It’s a real pleasure to drink it with different dishes like: a plate of meat or cheese.
All of meal with a strong character can be associated with it. Chicken, Beef, Roquefort cheese…

The real advantage to in Daniel is also the choice of dishes which can be very similar with the wine.

For exemple: With this wine I’ll take a Chicken Tajine, Spiced niman ranch lamb loin or a Grilled beef short Rib.


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