Nougat’s Progress

1) Product associated:
I’ve chosen to do a blog about a business, a restaurant, its name is Daniel. It’s a famous restaurant in NYC with a real bible of wine.
I’ve also buy a domain name. it’s

2) Keywords:

best restaurant in NYC. Global Monthly Searches 110 000
-restaurant NYC. Global Monthly Searches 1 200 000
-wine restaurant NYC. Global Monthly Searches 1 600
-pure food and wine restaurant in NYC. Global Monthly Searches 91
-wine bar NYC. Global Monthly Searches 18 100
-top 10 restaurant NYC. Global Monthly Searches 6 600
-great restaurant in NY. Global Monthly Searches 74 000
-wine tasting restaurant NYC. Global Monthly Searches 46
-restaurant ratings NYC. Global Monthly Searches 4 400
-french restaurant NYC. Global Monthly Searches 8100

3) Comments:

* I commented on mcsloane :
“I’ve also seen Linda Randall, and you’ve well translates her statements. I’m thinking that it’s a good mean for your blog to introduce it. Good luck for your construction.”

* I commented on bubblingcommunication :
I think that your blog is very interesting for a new Mum.
Your title catching us, that’s also why I’ve read it.
It’s the first post and I’m proud to do that.
In addition, because of the white color it’s easier and pleasant to navigate on it.
I’m not a Mum but I’d like to know your methods to catch us.”

4) Blog Networking:

*I commented on brooklynguyloveswine :
PR 6/10. Follower: 544

“I’m hailing from Lyon, and, 2 years ago, I’ve seen Joe during a wine show. He seemed fine, because of his behavior which is still glad with the customers. Like you say, and as I see his friend was also his colleague, he had a real love for him. Actually, many people know him even in the United States, and I hope so that he’ll become a famous man who will be recognized as one of the biggest expert of wine.”

* I posted on drvino :
                                        PR 6/10. Followers: 11 548

“I’ve seen your blog so, I decided to buy it to taste it too. And I recognized that agains its price it’s a real good wine which can be drink each day. Moreover, I’ve visited this area (Sicile) and thanks to the sun, those inhabitans can produce a good wine quality. It’s not like a Chianti but it’s a good wine.”

* I posted on
 PR 7/10. Followers 19 241

“I come from Lyon, so I know the real French atmosphere, the restaurant has really created it. I’m working about a wine blog, and I can tell that this restaurant has a real nice menu.”

* I posted on
PR: 4/10. Followers 115



6) Target  Market/Audience:

age: 18-50

gender: both

income: over 4000$/month

location: New York

occupation: travellers, workers, students.

sub group: businesses, students, travellers, couple

7) About me:

Before I didn’t know NYC and it’s was too difficult to eat as we can make in our native country, myself: France.

However, I learned different kind method from my class to communicate/help each part of a new New Yorker.

I’m trying to do something which sounds good, and fun.

To share my taste, I try to share my opinion about a French New Yorker restaurant:  Daniel NYC. This one is directed by Daniel Boulud (hails from Lyon, France).

If I have to introduce myself quickly, I can say that I’m a french new traveller who like discovering a lot of culture. Actually, my new experience in NYC expose to me a new vision of the communication. But, I don’t waste my time in the length street, and I’m very enjoy to discover restaurants or place which can be nice.

Have some comments or question ?


8) Twitter Compaign:

I subscribed a Twitter account to promote my blog.
I’ll be twitting about current posts to inform my followers.
My twitts will speak about important news where it will be not an article, its just a mean to attract currently the audience on my blog. From the moment where I’ll be in a Boulud restaurant I’m also going to post twiit about my location to show different restaurants areas for my followers. For example: At Café Boulud, drinking a red wine glass in L.A.
I’m going to try to use a Url Shortener to know my progression.
Twitter users hope to do a buzz; it’s also my futur aim.
This way to canvass my “job” will be linked with my website My ultimate aim is to be following by different professional of the cooking.
Sorry for any misspellings, I’m French.

9) Mcsloane
You have already improved many things from my last visit on it. Indeed, unlike before a ironic tone appears in articles that is pleasant to read it. However, I thinking that your the black appearance on your blog, is not real good way to help readers, we have to do an effort to read it. If catchy titles attract us, your pictures are also a good way to discract each blogers. Then, I don’t really know if it’s your aim but I could advice you to write an article about the new Science Fiction movies, it could be another way to attract another kind of readers.



The elite of New York and all the influent people coming to New York for business, who need a place which set the best environment for their meeting.

They are seeking an area that reflect who they are : elegant, good taste, and uncommon. The french cuisine seems to fit perfectly with those expectations. It corresponds to the brand image they want to be associated with. The target gather elites of New York, the socialite high society and people who deals with international or local affairs. They are between 35 and 65 years old. The main target are men and women around 50 years old, living in the upper class. It is a small society where the word of mouth is very efficient. They trust confidential advices. It’s a small world who need to be satisfied without being too much « show off ». They appreciate discretion and elegance.


The viral campaign will fit to the Daniel Boulud restaurant image and the target : elegant, smart, dealing with the influence of the word of mouth.  This strategy underlines the common caracteristics of those two entities.

a. Testify

The video will not show the interior of the restaurant or even Daniel Boulud himself. It will be only made by testimonies of the client. This way, the target can be sure that they receive the point of view of someone like them. They feel more confident than by reading a critic of seing a advertising spot. This is too vulgar. Here, we use the word of mouth as the best proof of the restaurant quality.

b. People/expert in a field

The people testifying are people already known by the target. They are socialite icons of New york and use their influence on all this small society. Men and women, business legends, wives, it girls, CEO, currators, politicians etc representing the most various and finest opinions.

There will also figure some famous names of the gastronomy : critics, wine and gastronomy experts, to put an objective and professionnal opinion into the video.

c. Less is more

The testimonies are very short. Only few words, in order to tease the target as far as possible. A long description will be too risky : the target can get bored and won’t like, for sure, the lack of surprise. With annuncing just few words from well-known people, it brings all the elements of a good teaser : reliable witnesses, surprise, in a very synthetic and sober way of presenting the talent of Daniel Boulud.


The video premiere will be shown on the website of the restaurant and also on the blog. It can also been projected during events of the high society. This way, the video clip is still destinated to the small little society. It’s not advertising, it’s a message, directly adressed to them, meaning that the restaurant pay attention to the selection of it consumers.


The restaurant can organize few wine contests for free during the events (galas, balls, official institutions events, business launches, premieres) of the high society as a catering stand. The winning one gets a bottle or a free dinner at the restaurant. This is used as a teasing marketing tool. The target is already experimenting the Daniel Boulud’s Bible of Wine.

5 – YOUR VIDEO SEQUENCE – 10 points

Part 1 – From the first to third second.

The video begins with a street view of the restaurant. It’s a sunny day, in a quiet street with trees at the back, without the noise of cars around. It’s a peaceful and elegant area.

Part 2 – From 4th to 8th second.

A woman is coming out of the devanture behind. She approach the camera and say « it was…amazing ».

Part 3– From 9th second to 12th second

Then everyt testimonie comes faster, lasting few seconds for each.

A men with a suit and tie, grey hair « you just have to go there »,

Part 4 – From 13th second to 15second

A young healthy man « unforgettable »

Part 5 –  From 16th second to 18th second

Another woman « tasty »,

Part 6 – From 19th second to 21th second

An old men, with his family behind (his wife and one young adult) « awesome ».

They are all smiling, showing they have spent a great moment there.

Part 7 – From 22th second to 24th second

The sequence is still focus on the same area but without anyone. The mise au point makes slowly the « Daniel » restaurant frontage becoming clear.

Part 8 –From 25th second to 27th second

One sentence appears on the font « Good taste and pure sensations ».

Part 9 – From 28th second to 31st second

Another sentence follow the last one « Nothing to else, just try »

Part 10 – From 32th second to 35th second

The name of the restaurant with the address appears in a bigger police size, then the website address of the blog appaears at the bottom of the screen Then the street view disappear to let a black font ends the video.


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