Do you know DANIEL ?

Do you know DANIEL? YOU MUST.

French travellers, Americans citizens, New Yorkers… this blog is for you
All of my friends know that NYC is a very huge, it’s too difficult to find his perfect restaurant, if you don’t know it.

The only solution is to pay a guide. With my blog, no fees.

I hail from Lyon, which is the gastronomy’s capital of France.  It’s difficult for myself to eat burgers each days all along the day.
But, I’ve discovered a fabulous restaurant: DANIEL.
Who is he? Why will it attract you?

First, each part of us, would like to eat in a restaurant where the chief is recognized like: “the chief of the year”
Secondly, everyone knows that NYC is very stressful. If you go there you’ll become peaceful : it’s the perfect remedy.
Thirdly, I’ve never seen a wine menu like this one.

The atmosphere is very quiet. You will feel very well, alone or with a friend.
However, the happiness comes to you when the sommelier (expert wine :D) comes with his bible to advise you.

About Daniel Boulud: I don’t know if I love him because of his nationality and his native area (the same one of mine).
But I’ll let you to make your own idea, going to join him. So, I’ve decided to taste a new wine, each week, and to translate my point of view through my blog.



2 responses to “Do you know DANIEL ?

  • mcsloane

    Things I liked. The organization of your ideas was good, but there were some grammatical errors (which makes it more appealing to French speakers.) The theme and style of it is extremely calming like the restaurant you were describing. The title did intrigue my interest and made me want to read more.
    The things to improve on. Try leaving more details about the restaurant so you can target the type of readers you want, things like price and location. Tell us examples of what this restaurant does right and what others do wrong. Try to appeal to French people new to New York more. I would strongly advise translating it to French and make it more like a info blog for French people looking for places to eat.

  • bubblingcommunication

    This article it was great!! i’m french too and i’m looking for a good restaurant in New-York! so if you say that it’s a good food, i believe you and i look forward to your second article about the wine!

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